Thank you all for participating in 60secondsdance 2018.

The Danish, Finnish and Norwegian juries have watched the semi-finalists according to the values of 60secondsdance, they have curated their top 10 films with a professional eye and keeping attention to the variety of mood, technics, dramaturgy and style. At the end of this arduous selection, they have distinguished 5 films as the Winners and the Runner ups of the national 60secondsdance competition 2018.

Furthermore the viewers around the world have got the opportunity to select their favorite films per each national competition. We have received almost 1500 votes that have confered the Audience Awards and give to one more film the possibility to be part of the Nordic Winners Compilation 2018 .

Here you can see all the semifinalist films and the three national selections.

You can enjoy watching also the Nordic Winners Compilation on our YouTube channel here!